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Small Hydro Development

  • Working from information provided by you we will determine whether your location is suitable for ​Small Hydro Development.

  • We can utilize existing solar and battery storage if your site already has this available.


  • The Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Center has many years of experience in remote community energy development.

  • Their team is available to design the appropriate installation and to coordinate installation and training required.


  • We are partners with Smart Hydro in Germany whose video is at the top of this site.

  • We are also available to provide other solutions recommendations including several from the Solar Impulse Foundation's members.

Call To Action

  • The first step is to get in touch with us if your community is near a river or tidal stream.

  • We will then send you information describing our recommended solution, including financing options.


A Deeper  Dive

The sections below give you a deeper insight to our work to date.  Please read our newsletter to see what we can offer your community and reach out to us using the contact form below or click on  Whatsapp button at the top of our website.

Underwater Scuba Diving

Renewable Energy Solutions in The Arctic

See an example of remote community renewable energy development.


Remote Community  Internet

Telesat Canada's Leo Leads The Way With Internet Service Worldwide for Remote Communities


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